Labels, Sustainable development

The latest trend is environmentally-friendly products, those that leave the smallest carbon footprint, that are recyclables or reusable. As the largest part of our activity consists in making and supplying labels, you won’t be surprised to know that we’ve started to receive requests for “greener” labels. Easier said than done, especially for us as we don’t sell products before they’ve been tested. And as a matter of fact, we found a very interesting brand for our inkjet printers.

A large part of my role as Director of purchasing consists in finding the best products for our clients. Some products are sent to us by suppliers, others I’ve found with the intent of improving our current offer, and those that interest us today are requested by our clients.

Recycled labels and Colordyne: a perfect match

One of the biggest challenges with labels made from recycled fibres is their reaction to inks and printing modes. Some labels tend to absorb more ink, others are less resistant. Sometimes we’ll test a label with one printer and the result will be excellent, while the same label on a different printer will not have great results at all.


We recently found a very satisfactory recycled product for one of our clients who that the Colordyne colour printer. Made from 100% recyclable household waste, these labels are available in a white that’s brighter than most recycled paper.

Turn challenges into strengths

Besides the practical aspect, there’s also the visual one. Often, recycled labels are matte (uncoated). The slightly beige and threadlike aspect of the paper is less appealing or, even when they’re white, companies may lament the absence of a glossy finish.

This is why the ideal users of this type of label are companies that manufacture products that are handcrafted, organic or environmentally-friendly.

If you already use this type of label, tell us about the type of paper and how you use it by leaving us a comment below. If you are looking for information about this topic, contact me and I would be delighted to answer you.