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Employee name: Nadine
Position: Customer service agent
Years of experience: 2
Nadine, could you please explain what you do at IMS?

Nadine: There are several aspects to my job as customer service agent, but basically, I’d say that I enter customer orders and follow up with the other departments involved in the order process so as to ensure that the clients receive the right order on time.

Which aspect of your work is the most appealing?

Nadine: Human contact! With clients, of course, but also with my colleagues. Together, we try to understand the projects submitted by clients so that we can resolve all problems or unforeseen events that may arise. Our objective is obviously to provide clients with the best possible results.

Do you handle all types of label orders?

Nadine: I did when I first started at IMS, but over time I developed a certain expertise, if we can call it that, in projects involving the sleeve, or heat-shrinkable label.

What are some particularities of sleeve projects?

Nadine: In general, these projects are more complex. There are more stages: sleeve design, printing and application tests, coordination between departments and with the client. There are many technical elements to know as well.

Learning all of this information doesn’t happen right away…

Nadine: No, it’s a gradual learning experience. What makes things easier is that we’re given regular internal training sessions. The more we know, the better the results!

So you basically interact with every department.

Nadine: Yes. Customer service is like the nucleus. It’s the common link between clients and employees: salespeople, estimators, employees from production and shipping, etc.

What are some required qualities for those looking to become a customer service agent?

Nadine: One thing for sure, it’s essential to be customer-oriented. Being a good listener, resourceful and resistant to stress are also important qualities to have, in addition to having a real desire to know and understand one’s clients, their needs and obligations, to find a way to succeed with each project.

A sharp increase in the number of mobile solutions, technological advancements and increasing internationalizing markets have all created a growing need for customer service, which is becoming a determining factor in the success of companies worldwide. Customer loyalty is more of a challenge than previously, which is why it’s important to put clients at the heart of company concerns.

The outlook for customer service jobs is quite good: there are many offers and these are generally well paid. One of the reasons for this is that it’s difficult for companies to fill these positions. For those who are interested in this profession…

… and who are looking to earn a diploma, we suggest:

– consulting websites of the colleges from your region. Many of them offer continuing education programs that target customer service.

… and who have experience in customer service, we suggest:

– researching companies specialized in this type of training. Most of them offer training programs in house or in company warehouses.

– discussing with the person in charge of human resources in your company.