From June 28 to August 30, IMS employees will take advantage of summer hours. Ever heard about that? The principle is simple: during the summer, the company closes earlier on Fridays, which allows employees to leave and enjoy a longer weekend. A practice which, in addition to being beneficial to the staff, does not affect the service offered to customers.

The summer schedules are gaining popularity among businesses and quite fit with the most popular summer benefits coveted by employees. A study conducted by the firm Office Team found that 37% of the respondents wanted to finish earlier on Friday, just less than the 44% aspiring to flexible schedules.

Customers are not affected by the summer schedule

For those of you who are already customers of IMS, you know how customer satisfaction is at the heart of our concerns. So if, for others, shutting down earlier on Friday may, at first glance, seem to penalize the customer, but it is definitely not the case. Those Friday hours are spread throughout the week so the total of business hours remains the same. As a matter of fact, IMS opens a half hour earlier during the summer.

From June 28 to August 30, 2013, our opening hours will be:



IMS has introduced the summer schedule three years ago and the employees are very satisfied about it. First, getting a longer weekend is good to boost the team’s morale, and, in addition, it is a significant advantage for families and those who leave the city towards campsites and cottages. Have a great summer!