Heat-shrink labels, also known as sleeves, are gaining popularity in several industries, especially the food sector. One product that is increasingly being packaged with a sleeve is the dairy drink. There are several reasons to explain why the sleeve is a profitable and logical choice for this product type. In this blog post, the issue at hand is co-branding, or interesting business opportunities.

From a marketing perspective, brand alliances are a strategic way to increase the number of sales and, ultimately, a company’s profits, all while focusing on the acquisition or evolution of brand awareness. Today and thanks to better branding campaigns, popular milk brands are well-established in the industry. But the smaller, regional dairy plants or cooperatives can benefit even more from an alliance with a bigger player as a way to enter new markets.

Packaging that favours co-branding

Co-branding is common in the dairy industry. There’s chocolate ice cream from well-known brands (Rolo, Coffee Crisp, etc.), single-serve flavoured milk (Caramilk, Mr. Big, NesQuick, etc.) or even coffee-flavoured alcohols (Baileys, Kahlua, etc.).

In the case of milk and coffee cream, particularly with single-serve portions, the containers are smaller than those of ice cream. Sleeves can accommodate this with their maximal printing area that leaves enough room to show off your brand and your partner’s brand.

Eye candy and co-branding

In other words, in addition to benefiting from the visual sense, or eye candy, the product also benefits from co-branding, which stimulates the sense of taste!

If we now consider the eye candy mixture, which was discussed in the first post in this series and was written by my colleague René-Pierre, and co-branding into one product, we get a key combination which will almost definitely become a commercial success.

Do you know of any examples of co-branding that have been a success in the dairy industry? Let us know!

The dairy industry has come a long way since the glass pint-sized bottle, which is still embedded in the collective memory of many people. Photo: Collection Robert Benoit – Cheese ECONOMUSEUM, Laiterie Charlevoix
 *Source of the featured image: enzyme.ca/unmomentchocolat/