In my last post, I presented some essential characteristics of data capture devices, like barcode readers and terminals, when they’re specially designed to facilitate warehouse and stock management. I’ve created a table below with several equipment parts designed for this application. Please feel free to leave me comments or ask questions about any of these products.


Data capture equipment for warehouse and stock management


Model: MC92N0 or MC9190-RFID
Type:Mobile computer (RFID or standard)

Several types of readers are available, such as both short and long range adaptive readers. Very strong design that adapt to industrial internal and external environments (including docks and dusty storage rooms). A very versatile device.


Model: MC3190 or MC3190-Z
Type: Mobile computer (RFID or standard)

Not quite as strong as the MC9x00 series and not capable of long range scanning, it’s nevertheless a user-friendly and lightweight device that’s strong enough for several applications.

The RFID version is capable of powerful and sophisticated reading that makes for an ideal device for store inventory management. This assists the customer service department and has the same features as those designed for industrial environments.

Model: WT41N0
Type: Wearable terminal

This device is worn on the arm and is easy to access with one’s fingers, thereby making it hands-free. Ideal for merchandise pick-up and storage in warehouses and distribution centres. Compatible with voice recognition systems.

Model: VC70N0
Type: Vehicle-mounted mobile computer

Perfectly suits all materials storage vehicles. Ultra-rugged device designed for use in extreme warehouse environments for receiving, storing, packaging, shipping, etc.

Model: DS3578
Type: Industrial barcode reader

Ideal for use with the mobile computer VC70N0. Allows for both short and long range reading of 1-D and 2-D barcodes.



Model: CK71
Type: Mobile computer

Ideal combination of resistance, length of life and ergonomics for distribution and warehouse environments. The non-incendive option is available for hazardous environments. Supports several barcode reading features, including short and long range adaptive devices.

Model: CK3R/CK3X
Type: Mobile computer

Perfectly adapted to the harsh conditions of internal warehouse use, production sites, points of sale, etc. Compact and appropriate for use in stores.

Model: CV61
Type: Fixed vehicle mount computer

Several connectivity features to access warehouse management system (WMS) applications. An option for extreme temperatures, with defrosting/heating of touch screens for operations up to -30°C.

Model: SR61XR
Type: Industrial barcode reader

Ideal for use with the CV61 computer. Allows for short and long range reading of 1-D and 2-D barcodes.



Model: Omnii XT15
Type: Handheld computer

Rugged and waterproof equipment able to tolerate the most hostile conditions. Has a keypad beeper with vibration feedback for loud industrial environments. Ideal for logistics, transportation and distribution. Very modular, so adapts as the needs of the company evolve.

Model: Workabout Pro 3
Type: Handheld computer

Efficient and responds to user expectations, both in the factory and out on the field. Dust and water-resistant. Very adaptable thanks to its numerous slots which fit diverse external components.

Model: 8595
Type: Vehicle mount computer

Completely protected against dust and humidity. Designed and manufactured for the worst conditions in warehouses, logistical and industrial sites, ports and airports, on vehicles with or without suspension.