As you may already know, IMS continues to explore new opportunities. To do so, we’re not afraid to delve into new territory. This is why we exhibited at EastPack 2013, a popular industrial-specific trade show held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia last June. EastPack covers several sectors of packaging and other related activities: supply chain, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, transportation and logistics, equipment, etc.

IMS wanted to get the feel for this regional market. As an exhibitor, it was an opportunity to be in direct contact with purchasers from this part of the United States as well as to understand the needs of companies and purchasers of products and services available at IMS. All in all, IMS was quite unique compared to the other exhibitors at the show. Labelling companies are often very traditional. IMS not being a traditional product identification company showcased its innovative and hot product, the heat-shrink sleeve label. And it really had everyone talking.

Sleeves in the spotlight

It’s no secret: IMS promotes creative uses of the sleeve. Here in Canada, as in the United States, the sleeve is often associated with the food sector: namely juices and yogurts. To break out of this mold, IMS put the accent on the use of the sleeve for beer bottles at the show. The creative and catchy visual concept attracted visitors from various backgrounds and served as a conversation-starter.

Participants were impressed by the concept which used some transparency, something which paper labels cannot do. And depending on the type of bottle, be it glass or plastic, colour or clear, the designer can benefit from the container’s characteristics. This distinctive element demonstrated the creative and technical potential of the sleeve. For many, this was an exciting discovery and became a model for their own products. However and as the sleeve is relatively new to the market, the packaging industry is still to educate. We hope to do our part.

On the road to the United States

This trip to our southern neighbours was one of the richest in business contacts and in project potential for IMS’s sleeve labels. The creativity used to promote the virtues of the sleeve was fruitful. As our ability to manufacture small quantities of labels and our expertise in the domain has given us an advantage in the field, don’t be surprised if you soon read that we’ve acquired American clients.

So we’ll see you next year at EastPack from June 10-12, 2014?