You probably heard the announcement made this week about Canada Post’s pilot project, currently available in parts of the Toronto area. The Delivered Tonight service allows online customers to receive their order the same day it was placed.

The service is currently available with retailers like Best Buy, Future Shop, Indigo and Walmart, which all have sufficient shipping volumes and are ready to conform to the project’s requirements, namely existing specifications regarding size and weight.

I’m convinced that this service will be a success, not only with large retailers, but also with smaller ones that are organized enough to take on the challenges of same-day deliveries.

From online orders to your door

Organizing same-day deliveries is a multiple-step process. As soon as the order is confirmed, the retailer needs to quickly assemble it from the warehouse and package it in one or more boxes depending on the size and weight specifications of Canada Post. This is done manually and requires adequate barcode reading equipment. Some large retailers have highly automated systems and can assemble complex orders very quickly.

The retailer should properly identify the items and apply shipping labels with reference barcodes and the locator number according to Canada Post’s specifications. The non-compliance to these specifications could cause shipping errors and even fines for retailers.

By now I think you’ve understood that your label production equipment cannot break down! Proper print head maintenance is important.

Afterwards, Canada Post redistributes all packages at its sorting centre that will then program delivery routes and load the delivery trucks.

Of course, Canada Post allows you to track the delivery of your package with a locator number thanks to its mobile application or online.

Get ready for same-day deliveries for your clients

Manufacturers, you’re in the front lines of your clients’ success. The strong trend of the retail sector is to reduce the steps between your consumers and your company. Be sure to deliver your merchandise in the formats that are adapted to their own commercial practices. Familiarize yourself with the most popular formats of each retailer. Is it per unit or in a pack? Then adapt your packaging in consequence.

Retailers, take the necessary precautions to respect the transporters’ requirements. Each transporter has its own specifications. Get labelling, scanning and software solutions that give you the flexibility to contact several suppliers.

Lastly, as you may have guessed, your labels should support mechanical operations and delivery hazards in conditions where scratching and wearing of your product labels and barcodes is prevalent. Don’t skimp on the quality of your labels and the printing technology because you need optimal barcode scanning in any condition. To assist you with the challenges of same-day deliveries, contact an IMS expert today.

Images: Canada Post