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August 2013 – What you missed

Taking care of your thermal print head is child’s play

Did you know that there’s a way to clean the print head of your thermal printer each time you change its ribbon?

IMS arouses interest in sleeves at EastPack

No man is a prophet in his own country apparently. With these wise words, IMS evangelized our Southern neighbours at the EastPack show in Philadelphia and seduced participants with beer, or more precisely, with the heat-shrink sleeve label for beer bottles.

The “sexiest” cleaning products

Nothing simpler than a bottle of glass cleaner, right? Well no more, thanks to the sleeve label. See how the sleeve comes to the rescue for traditional and often boring products.

Turning off a printer could cost you…

As surprising as it may seem, it would probably be more advantageous not to turn off your inkjet printer at night. The cost-benefit of replacing a print head and supplies could justify this recommendation.

CSA and UL certifications: a question of safety

Did you know that product labels are part of a process of CSA and UL certification?

5 good reasons to print colour labels in-house

Reducing inventory costs, just-in-time production, printing custom quality and speed, printing in colour and in black for the same price, flexibility of printing formats; these are five good reasons to consider printing your colour labels in-house with the help of new technologies from IMS.