Many of our clients ask us “durable labels”. But durable can mean a lot of things, Specifications and demands are always different. Durable labels for electronics or for cars will be very different. There are a number of factors to take into account when it comes to choose a durable label : temperature, moist, water, chemicals…


Nevertheless, when you know the conditions, the need for resistance and the label application, you can determine which label will be the most appropriate for the client’s needs.

Most of the time, in more than 90% of cases, a polyester label will suffice. Polyester (PET) is very resistant to abrasion and to the majority of chemicals, which makes it a durable and efficient solution.

A thermal transfer ribbon offers the best durability. You have three options:

  • A wax ribbon for general use on paper;
  • A wax-resin ribbon, which is used on paper or synthetic materials and is more resistant than a wax ribbon;
  • A resin ribbon, for stronger printing.

For a polyester label, you have to use a resin ribbon. It can be applied in two situations: first, general and very resistant use, but also as a specialized resin ribbon to respond to your most demanding needs. These ribbons are also available in colour as a durable label doesn’t always have to be black and white.

For a durable label, we often recommend the resin ribbon. Combined with the polyester label and the appropriate glue, this guarantees excellent results.

For more extreme conditions, it’s possible to laminate the label. This consists in creating a larger transparent label, in polyester and in resin, to cover and seal another label. This ensures exceptional durability, even if the application requires two separate operations and thus more time.

At the end of the day, many possibilities exist that guarantee the durability of a label, and this involves an adequate definition of the label’s specifications.