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This week, we have the pleasure of presenting IMS color label workshop days.


We all know that 80% of our sensations pass by at a glance. The behavior of customers is directly connected to what they see. The product, more so its label, must seduce, and color is one of the best ways to generate interest at a quick glimpse. Harmony of color, originality, distinction and even symbols should be well thought out because they will make the difference once in the aisles of a grocery store.

Of course, if we talk about high quality color labels, we automatically think to large agri-businesses with the financial means to do so. However, there are cheaper solutions that allow you to create labels with high-quality renderings. We’ve talked about this many times on our blog, so feel free to consult the article: 5 reasons to print your color labels internally.

To help you with your choice and assess which product to choose, enjoy free demonstrations with our IMS inkjet color label printers.

Before your appointment, we will ask you for your hardware. It can be digital files from a label that you have already printed, or it can be from an upcoming label project. During the demonstration, we will proceed with printing the material that you have previously given us.

So, you will be able to see how a ColorDyne printer or a VIP Color or Color Swift printer can meet your needs! You can compare the speed, the print quality and especially the flexibility of these printers, making it an efficient solution for your in-house color label printing.

The other advantage of these demonstrations is an estimate of the final cost of your label printing, so you’ll have all the cards in hand to make an informed choice when printing your color labels internally.

And, the icing on the cake is, if you decide to invest in a follow-up to the color label printer workshop, we will give you a free set of 4 – 5 ink cartridges, depending on the printer. Note that this free set is in addition to the cartridges that are already provided with the printer. In other words, these workshops could save you up to $ 1000 in ink cartridges; a real bargain indeed!

To attend one of the IMS workshops, do not hesitate to contact us.

And for more information on our printers, you can also download our color label printer buying guide.