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October 2013 – What you missed


CSA/UL Labels for cars

Labels on an engine have to resist really high temperatures, chemicals… This is why they have to be certified by CSA or UL, in order to certify the pieces of your car.

Billy Bee : a sleeve label that’s creating quite a buzz

Billy Bee is a great example of a good use of shrink sleeve. The brand changed its identity and met success thanks to a shrink sleeve in a shape of a bee. What a great idea!

Cognex Seminar : a showcase of high performance barcode readers 

IMS is proud to offer Cognex barcode readers. We were at their seminar and here is what we learnt.

How to guarantee durable labeling? 

How to make sure a label stays where it’s supposed to be for a long time? What glue, paper or ink should we choose? You will find all the answers in this article about durable labeling.

How DataMan readers make your conveyor more efficient?

Not only DataMan readers are really efficient, but they are perfect for a lot of different uses. Thanks to their speed, they are ideal for conveyors.

A tablet for the industry, yes it’s possible!

A tablet is ideal for data gathering. It’s light, ergonomic and easy to use. But most of the tablets are not sturdy emough for an industrial purpose. Except the Motion tablet, designed for the industry!

An on-site study; a diagnosis for a tailor-made solution

An on-site study is a diagnosis of your installation to help you optimize your process, machines and systems. In other words, it is a great way to improve productivity!

Do shrink sleeves and recycling make good bedfellows?

Shrink sleeves are rarely recycled. This is an issue when the bottles are recycled. A lot of solutions are being thought out to make the whole thing easier to recycle without losing time or money!