December is a month of preparation and rest. It is therefore quite possible that you have missed some of our blogs last month. So, to start 2014 on the right foot, and not having missed anything in 2013, we offer you the highlights of the last month of 2013, before we launch 2014 with even more articles on the identification of products!


December 2013 – What you missed!

IMS wishes you a happy holiday season

Farewell 2013, hello 2014! IMS wished you a happy holiday season, and we use this blog to extend our best wishes to 2014. May it be a year of success for you and your business!

The challenges of labels during the holidays

The holiday season is often a time of stress and urgency, where deadlines are tight. Therefore, here are some tips and ideas on how to make intense periods like these easier to live through. Whether it’s expected, unforeseen or the ability to print in-house, solutions exist that make peak periods easy to manage.

The deal of the moment: the Motorola MC67 manual terminal

Entering data anywhere, at any time, is essential today. Motorola terminals are a reference in this field. These PDAs are solid and flexible, adapted to the reality of work in the industry. Compatible with many cellular networks, they are also customizable so that everyone can adapt its use to their company, and its employees. In this way, productivity gains are immediate and significant.

Barcodes and health: what’s at stake?

Barcodes are now on all p
roducts found at the grocery store. They allow us to save time and allow traceability unparallel for sensitive products like drugs. Also, the barcode is an interesting way to have quick access to treatment of a patient, using a bracelet for example.