The information supplied on your label is crucial. This is what will highlight, promote and influence the purchasing decision, and your sales in the end. Among this information, certifications are a sizable argument. They highlight the products’ quality, will differentiate your product from others and will encourage buyers to purchase them.

The question behind this is which certification to choose. Certification processes can be long and difficult, so you should choose a quality label. Here are three new certifications that can help you distinguish your products from the competition.

Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC)

This certification ensures that the animals are treated in a humane manner. No cages here, but plenty of space, shelters and healthy foods without hormones or antibiotics. With this certification, you can ensure your customers an impeccable product.

The Pesticide/Residue Free certification

In parallel to organic agriculture and its ‘organic’ label, this label ensures products (fruits, vegetables, grains, juices and fibers) have absolutely no pesticide residues. In other words, not only are the foods produced without pesticides, but they are tested to be sure that there is no pesticide residue. This way, consumers will be reassured about the quality of the product and its benefits.

‘Gluten-free’ certification program

In recent years, consumers are looking more and more for gluten-free products to overcome intolerances and allergies. Gluten is present in many products such as flour, and it therefore takes a strict certification to ensure the total absence of gluten in the product. This Canadian certification for manufacturers of food products, drugs and pharmaceuticals, ensures that the products have been manufactured in certified gluten-free factories, and thus differs from other ‘gluten-free ‘products.

Here are three possibilities of certifications for your labels and your products. Which certification have you selected?