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February 2014 – What you missed

Sleeve and beer cans, a duo that works!

How can the shrink sleeve label help producers of beer and microbreweries? It is a very interesting solution for them: rather than placing large orders for printed cans, just use blank cans with sleeve labels!

The end of thermal dryers in flexo press?

In a flexographic press, after each section, there are thermal dryers designed to dry the ink. But new technology in ink allows almost instantaneous drying. No need for thermal dryers anymore!

New certifications to distinguish your products

There are hundreds of certifications and other labels of quality for your products. Here are three new ones that could be of added value for your products. Display them on your labels; it’s one more opportunity to convince your buyers!

Repairing your printers: everything to gain!

Printers are robust but, they are not immortal. Often, a small repair can give a printer a new life. Our team of technicians will be able to tell you if a repair is worthwhile!

IMS launches its services of sleeve labels in the United States

IMS is proud to launch its services in the United States. After more than 50 years of experience in Quebec and Canada, we offer our turn key services for the sleeve label in the United States.

A transparent sleeve label; yay or nay?

The possibilities that a sleeve label offers are numerous. One is to let the product appear through a transparent window. What are the benefits? Any disadvantages?

What labels to use for your fruits and vegetables

Have you ever asked yourself what the adhesive is made of on the label found on your apple? No worries! Labels for fruits and vegetables are subject to strong regulations.