Shrink sleeve labels are well known for the brand image they create and their visual impact on the shelves. These labels attract attention, which is a major asset in moving your products off the shelves. A shrink sleeve label is also a great way to make your containers tamper evident, by shrinking onto the neck , and over the closure of the container, with a perforation where the closure meets the container. What’s more, this label adapts to all bottle shapes.

These are reasons why Shrink Sleeve Labels are chosen by brand marketers for their products. There is also a technical detail that is crucial! It is important to choose the correct film for the right sleeve application. The film is there to support your label and will have a direct impact on the image of the product, its feel and overall appeal.

There are many films suitable for shrink sleeve labels which are made ​​from different plastics. Depending on your application, budget, design and feel you’re looking for; there will be a film to meet your expectations.

Another aspect to consider, is that each film reacts differently to different types of shrink  tunnels. They retract more or less depending on the temperature, and the heating method used. The choice of film is therefore important and depends mostly on the shape of the container for your product.

To make this easier, we have grouped all of the specifications, advantages and disadvantages of each film in an e-book! This small guide defines the differences between PVC, PET-G, OPS and PLA. You will find the degrees of shrink, graphics and everything else you need to make the right decision.

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