Spring is finally showing some signs of life, and winter is withdrawing little by little. During the month of March, our bloggers have worked hard to deliver quality content and interesting articles.

We know that it is difficult, if not impossible, to read every article and stay informed about what is happening on the web. Our goal is to provide you with something relevant and informative, and that is why we are offering you this summary; because we believe that interesting content deserves a second look.


March 2014 – What you missed

Moving towards new Nutrition Facts labels

Nutritional data labels are 20 years old… In other words, it really is time to update them. This is what the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) in the United States has suggested. What will these new labels look like?

Updates from the FDA for labels : what are the consequences for the industry?

The news broke out that the US administration will update the design and content of nutritional data labels. What will the consequences be for the industry? In all cases, this development can be seen as an opportunity to give new life to your labels!

Make the right choice for your printer purchase with our buying guide

At IMS, we want to be more than a provider. We want to work with you and help you with your label printing decisions. That is why we have created this buying guide for printers. Whether it is a thermal or inkjet printer, the printer you need is in this guide!

The challenges of die-cutting labels

We often talk about the challenges of printing and applying labels. But one of the real challenges of labelling is the actual die cutting of the labels. It is precision work which requires expertise. Here’s what you should know about die cutting labels.

Recycling : from ribbons to fuel

Innovations in recycling are many, and each month, new ideas appear. This time, the PET material of thermal printer ribbons is recovered and recycled to create bio fuel.

The deal of the moment : IMS has launched its online store!

IMS is proud to present its online store, where thermal printers, ribbons and labels are available at exclusive prices! Most of all, enjoy a 10% discount on the entire site until May 31.