IMS was started in 1958. What has changed since then? Well, just about everything! For more than 50 years, IMS has adapted, evolved, improved and optimized its services and products to meet customers’ expectations. More than the products and the services, it is the clients themselves who are different today. Understanding them is necessary in order to evolve and continue to satisfy them.

The customers of 2014 use social media, communicating their experiences in real time on these networks. Their perceptions and their expectations, all with a virtual community. They are connected and informed, with the capacity to compare or verify information in a few moments and with just a few clicks. One would think that this is only valid for the consumer at the end, but it is also a reality for our industry.

In other words, the methods used 50 years ago are not enough to satisfy the customer of today. They look for more than just one product or service, they want more than just labels or optimised labelling solutions; they want an experience. According to many articles and studies, clients expect a personalized and authentic experience and that is exactly what IMS is committed to offering.

The objective is to be unique and authentic. How can you make this happen? The philosophy of IMS is to act as a partner to our customers, to exceed the status of a supplier. It is our mission, and our values: to give full satisfaction to our customers, to be their partner. We do not work for our customers, but rather with them.

To that end, we add value with this blog: a means and channel for us and our product identification experts to share their knowledge and to exchange it with customers, bringing them the latest news and technologies of our industry.

Things have certainly changed since 1958. Products and technologies are not the same, nor are our services, but we keep the same goal: the satisfaction of our customer. We work vigorously each day to make sure that it continues.