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April 2014 – What you missed

Flexography: always more competitive

Flexographic printing is currently one of most common printing methods used to produce labels. Why? Because the technology has evolved to permit faster printing with amazing quality and rendering, all thanks to advances in computer science for example. Let’s take a look at these innovations.

Which plastic film material to choose for which Shrink Sleeve Label application?

Shrink sleeve labels increase the visibility of products on the shelves. That’s a fact. But when it comes to choosing your shrink sleeve label, you have to select the right plastic film to ensure the correct form and design is achieved. Our e-book is here to help!

Compostable adhesives? Yes, it’s possible!

Flexible packaging is made from multiple plastic films that have been glued together. These adhesives are often made with solvents that have an impact on the environment. But for some time now, compostable adhesives have been developed and are a viable alternative for greener flexible packaging solutions!

How to manage static electricity caused during label printing?

When printing labels, static electricity can accumulate during the process. Because static attracts dust, this build up can quickly become a problem, adversely affecting the quality of the print. How then do you manage static ? The answer is in this article!

Adhesives to survive summer

Summer and higher temperatures are almost here! It’s great news for us, but bad news for labels. Labels will have to face extreme conditions like temperature and humidity variations, for instance. Fortunately, there are a range of adhesives designed to make the labels stay firmly stuck to the bottle. Discover more in this article!