Summer and the first of many heat waves have arrived and, the first trade shows have passed (thank you to all who visited us at EastPack in New York). But the news does not stop and there are always new products, innovations and events that attract the eyes of our bloggers, which they are happy to share with you.

We know it’s hard to stay informed of everything that happens on the web, so our goal is to provide you with relevant and interesting information related to the identification of products, which is why we offer you a summary. We believe that interesting content deserves a second chance.


June 2014 – What you may have missed

The shrink sleeve label : a success with kids!

One often praises the advantages of a shrink sleeve label to make an impact, by printing at 360 degrees and on original shapes. Among these advantages, one often forgets that the shrink sleeve label can also have an impact on children, the most impulsive of purchasers!

The history of recyclable adhesives : thank you USPS!

In the great quest for “pressure sensitive” labels, recyclable adhesives were often a problem. More so than the paper, it is the glue that is not always recyclable. Stamps posed the same problem, so USPS has developed recyclable adhesives which are used on labels today!

A new printer for wide labels

The bigger the label, the more information you can put on it. Instead of long labels, manufacturers have expanded the labels in width. There are a variety of thermal printers for large labels, which adapt the resolution according to the size of the label. Ideal for traceability labels and product identification!

EastPack 2014 : we’re waiting for you at booth 3352!

EastPack 2014 is for us, one of the most important events of the year and, we were delighted to greet you there so that you could discover our offers and products.

Flexible packaging : innovations and interesting solutions

Flexible packaging takes up more space on the shelves. It’s logic, seeing as these innovations are numerous and contribute to the success of these types of packaging. Here is a small overview of the latest innovations.