NFC technology (near field communications) is now on all smart phones (except for the iPhone, although the new version expected in September should be compatible). This new technology of short range wireless communication operates on high frequencies and allows information to be exchanged between peripheral devices at around 10 cm from each other.

This facilitates the exchange of data and information. Avery Dennison, a renowned brand and proud partner of IMS, will launch a label with a form of new technology in September: a label that communicates with smart phones using NFC.

Therefore, content, recipes, music, coupons and other files can be sent without going through an app or a QR code (which often requires patience to scan the code in question).

In terms of design, this is advantageous. No need to include information such as the website or a QR code to send consumers to a website or send recipe ideas, you can just keep an efficient and minimalist design. The technology will provide the remaining information!

How does it work? It’s simple. It all goes through a cloud platform that links between the label and the content sent to the phone. The label is actually an electronic tag that can send the message.

This technology opens up many exciting doors for manufacturers, particularly in terms of product and marketing impact. With these labels that communicate, all products can offer a little more!