Back to school! If you dropped your kids off at school this morning, you know that September is synonymous with the end of summer.

At IMS, we are preparing for upcoming events and we continue to look for innovative, new products and interesting processes for our industry. Packaging and product identification don’t take time off, so here’s what you missed on our blog this past summer!


Summer 2014 – What you missed

Upcoming events in the following months!

September, October and November are busy months. Here is our agenda and where we are travelling during these months to showcase our products.

How to recycle release liners

“Pressure sensitive” labels are pre-glued onto silicone paper, called a liner. But what happens to the liner once the label’s attached to the product? It’s usually discarded. But one company has decided to recycle them!

A shrink sleeve label that stands out: the case for ketchup

Shrink sleeve labels have countless benefits. In this concise case study, learn how shrink sleeve labels have made this ketchup bottle stand out from the competition.

What comes after recyclable and compostable packaging? Edible packaging perhaps?

Innovations in packaging never stop! The ideal of zero waste is almost achieved with edible packaging, although there are still some limitations to this concept …

Flexible packaging: the challenges of biodegradable polymers

How do you produce plastic film with less impact on the environment? The biodegradable polymers may be a solution. Increasingly used for flexible packaging, these plastic films are compostable and leave no trace.

A new series of thermal printers: Zebra ZT400

There’s a reason why Zebra is the most famous manufacturer of thermal printers. Their new series, the Zebra ZT400, offers more connected, more efficient and faster printers. Here is our review.

4 advantages of hot melt adhesives for labels

The pressure sensitive label is often the solution of choice, but in some situations, a “hot melt” label can be an interesting option. Find out more!

The barcode turns 40; Happy Birthday!  

The barcode was a revolution, and that revolution turned 40. Learn more about the history of the barcode and how it was first used!