As I already wrote some time ago, barcodes are now a key element in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. They are synonymous with reliability and traceability.


Barcodes are mainly used on wristbands in hospitals. With one simple scan all the information on the patient’s record can be seen. Allergies, treatments and the patients’ history are found on this simple barcode printed on the bracelet. And of course, this barcode is a way to identify samples for analysis. In other words, an error is inconceivable with these labels.

This is why thermal printers that print these wristbands must be reliable. But don’t forget that the hospital environment is pretty tough on a printer. Printers undergo daily cleanings with harsh chemicals. We cannot afford to have any missteps since there are patients on the receiving end.

This is why Zebra launched a special desktop thermal printer for the health industry. The GK420HC is based on the GK series, known for its ruggedness and reliability, and underwent significant changes to make it more suited to a hospital setting.

Specifically, this means:

  • Certification with major suppliers of EHR (Electronic Health Records); the medical records digitized behind the wristband barcodes.
  • Fabrication made to withstand chemicals. This printer is robust and durable.
  • A medical power supply certified to IEC60601 standards to meet hospital safety regulations.

With this new desktop printer, Zebra adds to its range of “healthcare” products a reliable and efficient model that meets the needs of the industry.