In recent years, many brands have chosen to go back to their heritage, to their first labels. This retro packaging is becoming more common, and these “special editions,” with old-world designs, are seen more and more often on shelves.

By adopting this packaging, with labels that refer to the past, brands send several strong messages: they show that they have been present for many years, that they have a history, a heritage and a culture. It’s also an eye-catcher to loyal customers, those who have been buying the brand’s products for decades.

Of course, labelling methods need to be updated. Returning to the labels of the past requires work to update technologies because the methods of 20 or 30 years ago would not be profitable today.

New printing and labelling technologies now allow us to recreate the labels of the past, or to make new versions, easily and economically!

The latest Guinness beer products are a great example. These “vintage” labels show the old brand design with retro shapes. However, the technology used, which makes it possible for these labels to look “vintage,” is absolutely modern.

These “pressure sensitive” labels are printed on a paper substrate. The paper substrate, with a special matte varnish, gives the label an rustic and antique look, all while printing quickly and making for an easy and efficient application.

These new “vintage” labels are profitable from a technical point of view, and have a significant impact on consumers. So everyone is a winner!