Consumer behavior is one of the most important data for decision makers. Design, material, shape and everything that englobes the appearance of a product make up decisions that have important implications for manufacturers. This is because all these factors determine whether or not a product will be seen on grocery shelves. And to be sold, it must first be noticed among rows of similar products.

A study by Klockner Pentaplast, in partnership with Clemson University, researched buying behavior when it comes to choosing between thermoformed packaging (in plastic) and flexible packaging (a pouch or a bag). The results of the study, performed with a cheese product, are significant: 44% more purchases for the thermoformed plastic packaging.

Why? The answer is simple. By studying where consumers look in a grocery store, the researchers noticed that the sturdy products were seen first and viewed longer than others. In addition, participants view these products as more hygienic, easier to open and of better quality. Thermoformed packaging is more convincing and has a stronger impact on consumers due to its stability that is synonymous with quality for the consumer.

However, this does not mean that a pouch, bag or other flexible packaging is condemned to be overlooked. It simply means that the rigid product remains a safer bet. Remember that this example concerns only one strong, specific product: cheese.

Nonetheless, this study is a strong indication that shrink sleeve labels are effective for this type of container. They also attract attention and lead to a purchase; studies prove it!

Ultimately, these studies are very useful for IMS and its clients. They allow us to advise and accompany you in developing your brand image!