You have a product that needs to go to market but you aren’t setup to do the packaging, labelling or label printing in house. You need to partner with someone to devise a design and execute packaging for your upcoming product launch. If so, here are 5 things to look for, when choosing that partner:

1. Customer-focused

Look for a company that will listen well. That will ask you a lot of questions about what you need to do, not sell you their incredible printers/services/products. Who are more interested in how they can integrate their solution into your process rather than tell you what is wrong with it and why you need to change it before they can work with you.

2. Highly experienced and talented

Look for a company that has talented and experienced people that have been drilling down into their specialities for a long time and are up to date with the latest technical innovations. And importantly, that these experienced people are also experienced and adept at teamwork. Look for a well established company that has been around for a while, with a broad base of satisfied return customers that prove that they are for real.

3. Sticklers for details

When it comes to industrial labelling or packaging, details are highly important. Make sure the company you choose is extremely well versed in the necessary certifications, and industrial standards to be respected in order for your product to be viable on the market. Make sure they are dead serious about accuracy.

4. Honest

Make extra sure that the company you partner with is forthright and upfront about what it can and cannot do, as well have a history of delivering when it said it would deliver. A company that plans meticulously and follows the plan while keeping you in the loop at every step, with honesty and respect.

5. Flexible

Look for a company that offers a wide range of labelling and packaging options, from high volume labelling to shrink sleeve, from Flexo to digital inkjet printing, or even setting you up for your own in-house printing.

Also keep in mind that an experienced and specialized company may not be able to answer all your needs for a packaging project directly but the effective and successful packaging and identification providers are well connected and have a range of partners they can call on to do specific tasks in a project. Look for the company that has established such relationships.

Finally, if you don’t see these 5 characteristics in the companies you are currently looking at partnering with for you packaging project, please contact us.