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Sometimes, manufacturing methodologies can go unquestioned. That’s when possible improvements can be missed, and that’s when you need a fresh pair of eyes.

An on-site study consists of analysing installations (equipment as well as infrastructure) in order to optimize the process. The advantage of such a study is having an expert on-site to observe and analyze the devices and to provide techniques and tailor-made recommendations.

After having examined the premises, an expert will evaluate the procedures within the plant. With data they have gathered together on site, they can establish a thorough analysis of business needs, while mapping recommendations directly to your business objectives.

Take as an example a production site of wood planks, wine bottles or any other product. The products in question are dispatched through the site by conveyors. During the site inspection, an expert will take the necessary steps to obtain data such as the speed that the products are scrolling, the number of items produced, the distances to travel, their orientation and position and the conveyor… Being directly on site, they can better understand the needs of the client and will be able to define ways to improve the process. For instance,

Where operators manipulate the products, semi-automatic solutions could be integrated to the environment

  • Some processes could be standardized more rigorously
  • Some processes could be combined
  • Unnecessary tools or equipment could be cleared away
  • A barcode reading system could be recommended to improve the tracking of products
  • Applicators could automate part of the identification process

The expert can then draw up a comprehensive report with tips on the type of processes that could be changed, the equipment required, appropriate software and where the applicator or barcode readers can be placed. Above all, they can estimate the sequential and financial gain that these improvements will bring, and therefore the return on investment.

A site survey can be a relevant service for many facilities. Whether it be applicators and label printers, barcode readers on conveyors or labelling software.

In addition to providing practical and workable solutions, a site survey is an excellent way to help your company’s long term planning. It is also a first step toward integrated solutions that allow companies to have all stages of production optimized and controlled and therefore as effective as possible.

A site survey is a great added-value service. When was the last time you had one?