As the cold weather settles in for good and Montreal awaits its first big snowfall, our bloggers continue to share their discoveries and knowledge.

Here is the summary of the month of November, because we believe that good content always deserves a second chance! Enjoy the read.

What does being a team player mean?

How to be a good team player? We came up with a few answers, to help guide us in our work together here at IMS. Here they are, and we hope they might be of some use to you as well.

A few tips for your trade show participation

Trade shows offer us the opportunity to be known by a large number of potential customers, in person. You can chat with them, exchange and negotiate with them and create important connections. Here are some tips that will help you better prepare your participation in your trade shows.

5 things to look for in a labelling and packaging identification provider

You have a product that needs to go to market. You need to partner with someone to devise a design and execute packaging for your upcoming product launch. Here then are 5 things to look for, when choosing that partner.

Will your bottle be competitive out there on the shelf?

How can you stay competitive in today’s microbreweries market? Independent Beer makers want to make their product seem ‘exotic’ and ‘unique’ and why not a total beer drinking adventure. But how?

Where is smart packaging going?

The large-scale adoption of smart packaging is only about 2 to to 2.5 years off. Technologies that have been around for a while are maturing and coming down in price while other breakthrough and low cost technologies are right around the corner. So what is currently available? What will soon be available? What are the general lines of the technologies that might shape the future of packaging?

Recycling for profit

TerraCycle is a company that sees recycling very differently. It wants to ‘eliminate the idea of waste’. Read how.

Improve your manufacturing with an on-site study

Sometimes, manufacturing methodologies can go unquestioned. That’s when possible improvements can be missed, and that’s when you need a fresh pair of eyes. A site survey is a great added-value service. When was the last time you had one?

How will customers perceive your certification labels?

Certifications are brands themselves. As you decide which certifications to add to your product, you have to be keenly aware what effect they’ll have on consumer behavior. See some examples that can help guide you.