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You spend time, effort and money to build a brand, a unique name and image for a product in the consumers’ mind. Branding is important to create a link with consumers while differentiating yourself from competition. To attract and retain customers, your brand is present in multiple touch points such as online and offline advertising, publications and your packaging.

The physical retail environment conveys your brand to consumers. But what about e-commerce? More often than not, the branding experience falls short as shipping adds itself to the shopping experience. Let’s face it, buying something off the shelf is not the same experience as having to wait for it and get it in a blank box.

The cardboard box

For shipping your goods available through e-commerce, you’d probably consider a company like FedEx. Standard, easy, trustworthy. Not only for the quality of the service but also because of the brand experience. When someone selects a FedEx shipping option, they know they’ll get the FedEx experience. At that point, we can almost say that your brand experience just stopped at the checkout point as buyers now expect a FedEx box, not yours…

But what if you had your own box with your own brand on it instead? The box is also packaging, it should be branded, with your brand.

Plain cardboard boxes are your first option. They are widely available and low cost. Why not then stick or produce branded shipping labels, stickers, tape? Why be satisfied with plain text when you can produce full colour high-resolution graphics with personalized messaging for the cost of black and white?

Don’t stop there

Opening a box is another touchpoint where your brand has a chance to connect, have a conversation with a client. This is an opportunity you often don’t get in a retail situation.

Don’t satisfy yourself with plain, dull and lifeless printed materials in the box. Insert a branded or even personalized shipment slip, instructions and printed material.

Take the opportunity to invite buyers to go online to register their product in return for donation to a good cause, ask them to share their shopping and product experience, or encourage them to connect with you on social medias, and more.

Packaging has a bigger impact than you think

In light of these elements, take a couple of minutes to look over your branding experience at shipping. Successful online e-tailers provide a fully branded experience to customers from product to shipment. Why don’t you? Brand yourself down to your packing slip, make the brand experience complete for repeat business. (See our Label Printer Buying Guide to inspire you.) Don’t let FedEx take over your customer experience.