How much storage space does your packaging material take up in your business? How many times do you have to order packaging for your products? How much packaging manipulation goes on during your production? These questions have an impact on your bottom line and shrink film and shrink sleeves may well be able to help you improve on those packaging costs.

How so? Shrink sleeves and shrink film are thinner than cardboard boxes. They take up less space in the warehouse. They come in rolls, which contain more packaging units per spaced used than flat packaging, which in turn means less reordering. Operational efficiencies add up and the bottom line gets positively affected.

Shrink Film

Shrink film can be adapted to many sizes and shapes. For example, when packaging 12 or 24 packs of cans, you can go beyond using a clear film and get creative with colours and high definition graphics to take advantage of all 360 degrees of packaging real estate that shrink film offers.

Grolsch six-pack

You can order short runs of shrink film with promotional messages or graphics that are adapted to events and seasons to give your products greater punch. Shrink film packaging becomes more than just a container. It becomes an integral part of the promotion.

Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves take advantage of an individual product’s form factor. Well executed design and messaging on shrink sleeve will make maximum use of the product’s curves and surfaces to make the consumer want to pick it up, a crucial step in the shopping experience. Cosmetics, which are often sold in cardboard boxes, could profit greatly from this characteristic. Shrink sleeve offers the added advantage of creating a tamperproof seal that can easily be integrated in the production process.

Finally, in many cases, the nature of sleeving production equipment allows it to be highly automated and thus require less manipulation than cardboard-based packaging.


To sum it up, shrink sleeves and shrink film are bottom line positive options, both operationally and qualitatively. They offer a “flexible” alternative for packaging promotion and kits.

Talk with one or our sleeve specialist to explore how we can help you move more products at better operational costs.