American Craft Beer Week is still on until May 22nd and we celebrate with our south of the border friends the passion for craftsmanship and original packaging design with shrink sleeves for aluminum cans.

I’d like to extend an invitation to our American friends: to celebrate up north in the upcoming weeks, with craft brewers and beer enthusiasts in British-Columbia.

S & O



I’d like to introduce you to Steel and Oak Brewing Co., a craft beer client of ours that uses shrink sleeves for its beer aluminum cans.

Located on the outskirt of Burnaby, BC, in New Westminster, the oldest city in Western Canada, Steel and Oak proudly released it’s regionally renowned beer in aluminum cans, just last March.





In continuity with its other products, “S & O” decided to go show its brand on a bold bright red sleeve. The effect created is clear: it really stands out on the shelf in local stores, making it easy for beer lovers to identify and quickly snatch up.



Strange Fellows

Another independent brewer in the region is a friend to have even though its name is “Strange Fellows” Brewing. With the motto “west coast crafted, old world inspired”, this Vancouver based craft brewer has 8 different well-crafted creations to offer. Here are some of its products available in nicely designed shrink sleeved cans.



On the left, the sirens of Talisman, an ale for every occasion. Perfect for burgers, pizza, fish and chips, listen to them with your favorite meal.

The Guardian, in the middle, is a white IPA beer, available in local liquor stores, and is bold and flavourful. Recommended with your favorite Mexican, seafood and their in-house charcuterie.

Finally on the right, Jongleur is a Belgian style beer that will spark joy with your seafood, curry or Thai food.

All three present an “old world inspired” design and make full use of the sleeve’s real estate with their own colour theme in the spirit of the “Strange Fellows” producing it.



Get to discover your local brew

I hope you enjoyed this second post on British-Columbia craft brewers using sleeves for their canned beers. Looking forward to introduce you to other creative uses of it in the industry.

Again, be it this week or any other week of the year, don’t forget to check in with various independent brewers to discover and enjoy their craft, responsibly.

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