In my last post on sleeved bottles, I hunted down some great looking (and tasting!) products for my cocktail bar. Cocktails are nice but for great occasions Champagne is a sure thing! Sparkling wine is always a success for just about any occasion too!

So of course, this time around I couldn’t help but apply my sleuthing skills to look for sleeved products that are festive and have plenty of “glam”.



Classy classicMoet

Say the word “champagne”, and one of the first that comes to mind is Moët & Chandon, from France. This nice “Ice Impérial” Champagne AOC product is sleeved with a subtle design topped with the traditional Moët bow and cork. The white and quite tastefully designed bottle calls for an ice-cold bucket to make it ready to pop for very special occasions.





Attention grabberTaittinger_rougeTaittinger

From the same region, Tattinger proposes a « Nocturne » Champagne with a blend variation. The Rosé, offers a rich blend of 70% Pinot noir and 30% Chardonnay in an attractive pink dress. The classic purple one is made of 60% Pinot noir and 40% Chardonnay.

Their glamorous sleeves make them perfect to bring to high-end parties this summer, adding some bling to your toast!





Sparkling wine is affordable fun to share with all. Sure, it isn’t in the same class as Champagne in terms of taste, but it does have the advantage of being appropriate for all occasions!

Beautifully presented in a floral sleeve, Rosière is a sweet greenish yellow sparkling wine featuring medium balsamic empyreumatic and fruity scents and offers fine and non-persistent bubbles.

It’s a great choice for 5 à 7, picnics and dining on a terrasse. Its twist crown cap makes it easy to open. Chin Chin!





Another fresh product is J.P. Chenet Ice. The name and the sleeve evoke an icy cool drink. The classy, white-branded envelope covers the immediately recognisable bottle of this Bordeaux, a well-known house.

This medium-dry straw yellow sparkling wine features medium fruity scents and offers fine and persistent bubbles. A great complement to fruity deserts on a hot summer day.





I hope you’ve enjoyed my posts on sleeved spirits, champagne and sparkling wine. I not only enjoy their look but also look forward to tasting them too!

Feel free to share your sleeved discoveries through our Twitter account and let’s talk about them!

Should you want to give a « new dress » to your products, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to get creative with you.

Until then, cheers!