Pardon my play on words here but it’s “natural” to expect that the paper used in the production of your labels comply with the highest environmental standards available. Like you, we take this concern to heart and are always looking for environmentally friendly products.

Recycled labels and labels from virgin fibers

In the field of labels used for thermal printers, it is possible to use labels made from recycled fibers.

The challenge of these is their reaction to each of the products’ inks and print modes. Some absorb more ink while others are less resistant.

according to the application, it’s important to find the winning paper/ink/printer combination. We typically perform several tests for our clients, to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

We must also take into consideration aesthetic criteria when producing identification products. Recycled labels can appear a bit beige and their filamentous paper may not be suitable in certain situations. Even when white, labels from recycled fibers aren’t as glossy as those made from virgin fibers.

To fulfill the demand for eco-responsible products, in the event that recycled fiber material is not appropriate, we now have the option of using virgin fibers from forests that are administered in a way that respects the environment and it’s wildlife.

FSC Certification

In an environmentally responsible approach, its important to choose certified supplies. One of the most recognized certifications in the field is that of the Forest Stewardship Council, commonly known as FSC.

Products certified by FSC can be recognized by this logo:IMS_FSC_autocollantes

The FSC logo indicates that the product was manufactured respecting both the forest and its wildlife. The fibres of the paper that is used is confirmed to have come from responsibly managed forests.

Labels for thermal printers

Previously, the FSC paper  was not available for thermal printer label supplies. This has recently changed. We now have such labels and they are just as durable as those that you currently use.

Also note that we’ve long had certified FSC labels for use with other types of printers (such as inkjet).


Finally, to succeed in your eco-friendly initiatives, whether  you are using thermal, laser, ink or matrix printers, don’t hesitate to call to one of our advisors to find out about our selection of certified sustainable products.