IMS will be at Natural Products Expo East 2016 in Baltimore, Maryland Sept 22nd to Sept 24th. There are good reasons for you to be there too.

Strong industry growth

Natural and organic food industry growth is nothing short of impressive. It had attained $40 Billion dollars as of 2015 in the USA, despite a recession and the sluggish economy that has followed.  See the chart below from Statista, a German-based research firm.

Natural and organic food company sales are growing much faster than those of their conventional competitors. This has created pressure on large food companies to buy up their natural and organic competitors. As a result, such mergers and acquisitions were at a 20-year high last year.

These products are an answer to consumer’s strong desire to eat healthier and more simply.  According to the statistical study, the number of people who would prefer organic food if given a choice is now at 57.6%. Another example: the organic trade association reports that nearly three quarters of families make an effort to buy organic food.

Misleading labelling

Not all companies that are jumping onto this bandwagon are in good faith, however. Indeed, much controversy swirls around the use of the word “natural”. In recent years several companies have adopted the word “natural” even if their product contains either genetically modified organisms, hormones, pesticides or artificial ingredients.  Resulting lawsuits have encouraged companies like Quaker Oats (Pepsi co.), Campbell soup and others to drop the “natural” designation from their packaging.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is working to better define and regulate the word “natural” and has just closed a public request for comments concerning this issue. Hopefully that controversy will be laid to rest.

A dynamic industry in need of effective solutions

With its deep-rooted concerns for health and sustainability, the natural products and organic food industry is creating deep change in the food industry. Our aim is to enable these forward thinking companies with our expertise.

As a provider of quality labelling and identification solutions we have always strived to meet the highest standards of our customers and our industry. We feel privileged to participate in the Organic and Natural products industry.

Hope to see you at the show!