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There are companies out there that put considerable efforts into making their products as environmentally responsible as possible. Here is an outstanding example, destined to lead us all to the compost heap!

A company that is dead serious about compost



Sun basket is a company out of San Francisco in the US, specializing in the delivery of home cooked meals. They deliver throughout 34 states, having recently opened a distribution center in the eastern US. Unfortunately, over the course of their operations, they found that 90% of their returnable food kits ended up in landfill. Being a company with strong environmental values ​​, they decided to convert their packaging dramatically. Everything is now recyclable and as much as possible, compostable.






  • Their food containers come from a subcontractor called Greenware which specializing in PLA (polylactic acid) plastic containers that use a plant based biopolymer that is 100% recyclable, and industrially compostable.
  • Their ice packs are made from water and non-GMO cotton. They can be composted
  • Their ingredients bags are made with recycled paper bags and can be thrown directly into your garden for composting after use.





So everything can be recycled or composted. And apparently the food is excellent! If you want to get a better idea of ​​their product, here is a link to an “unboxing” that is quite enthusiastic in its evaluation! Sun basket is one of several such companies in a fast-growing industry.

A growing industry

Sun basket is one of several such companies in a fast-growing industry.

The only downside in all of this is the use of road transportation. Unless their product is delivered with electric vehicles, there is still an environmental cost linked to the individual delivery of meals.

Nevertheless, Sun basket is now a leader in the field of green packaging and an example to follow.

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