We’re headed for Pack Expo Chicago, with over 50 years of product identification experience. We’re looking forward to meeting up with folks from our core industries, such as food and beverage, transportation and logistics, Electrics and electronics, retail, as well as clothing and footwear.

We really hope we’ll see you there. Here’s what we’ve got for you.


Branding is the one aspect of packaging that leads all others. We believe in guiding our clients in the better targeting of their customers. For us, it’s really the first step. All the rest, such as labelling, as well as certification of your packaging, has to obey the branding logic that has been set out for the product.

Shrink sleeve printing

A good example is the use of shrink sleeves in the food and beverage sectors. Shrink sleeves are powerful and effective marketing tools, so long as you start out with a strong branding vision. Technically speaking, shrink sleeves aren’t for the inexperienced either. We can handle every aspect of your shrink sleeve label project, from design to packaging, no matter how complex.

Color label printing

Same goes for color labels. If they aren’t vibrant, sharp and crystal clear, then your product deserves better. We offer cost-efficient, consistently high-quality color labels that will make your product stand out.


We also have your back when it comes to applying the proper certification labels to your product. We have a selection of UL, cUL and CSA approved labels and  are very familiar with certification label requirements. We’ve also just recently started to carry a lineup of FSC approved self-adhesive labels.

Labelling equipment

If you feel your best option is bringing your labelling in-house, we offer a wide range of labeling equipment and applicators that can be quickly set up and smoothly incorporated into your operations.

One of our greatest strengths is our ability to evaluate your production line and help find the optimal way to integrate new equipment and improve your product labelling results.

But enough about us. Let’s talk about you.

Come see us at booth E8939, Upper Lakeside Center. Let’s discuss how to better target your customers through improved branding and optimized identification.