Wine is a big industry in our country. According to Stats Canada, wine sales in the year ending march 31st 2015 represented a total of $6.7 billion. And sales are trending positively: they were up 5.1% from the year before.

The province in which wine was sold the most was Québec, where it held a 43.1% share of the province’s alcoholic beverages market.

A competitive market

But although the market is vast, it is also highly competitive. If you are a small wine producer in BC, Ontario or Québec, how can you stand out amongst so many competitors, especially so many large competitors from abroad? Indeed, almost 76% of red and 58% of white wines sold in Canada were from outside the country. Furthermore, the percentage of imported wine sales has been growing every year since 2004!

Now, if you picture a shelf full of wine products in your mind, you can easily imagine it being a marketer’s worst nightmare: everyone selling roughly the same product in a container almost exactly the same shape.


OPartWineBottleShrink sleeved wine bottles have a visual impact

This is why the visual impact achieved with shrink sleeve labeling is so important.

Wine products from small producers have the advantage of being perceived as more exclusive because they produce more limited runs. This is a perception you can take advantage of in your design.Sleeveexclusivityeffect

With shrink sleeved wine bottles, exclusivity and rarity can be conveyed effectively using the entire real estate of the bottle to create a visually striking effect or even tell a story.

Technical possibilities


Sleeved_bottle_transparentOn the technical side, there are many possibilities. For example, clear sleeve materials can be used to convey purity and lightness, double vertical perforations to easily remove the sleeve for recycling or tamper evident protection for the cap.


Displays can also be designed across many bottles for a truly unique effect.


The only limit is your creativity. Here at IMS our specialists can guide you through the technical aspects of transforming your design into a viable product. The result will certainly stand out on the shelf!

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