This is it; 2013 nears its end and the entire IMS team, its bloggers and its employees wish you a happy holiday season. It is a pleasure to share with you our knowledge, our ideas and our discoveries in this blog that we hope you enjoy and find interesting.

In 2013, we at IMS spoke to you about labels of course, but also barcodes, sleeves, applicators, certifications, quality labels, ink and even tablets. Here are the three articles that have had the most success:

The CSA/UL labels for cars

Certifications of labels in engines and cars; this is a subject that was of interest to you. The conditions in automobiles are such that labels must be certified CSA/UL to withstand these extreme conditions!

Barcode readers and terminals for managing warehouses and inventory

Readers and barcode terminals are important tools for the management of your warehouse and inventory. This overview of the equipment, some more effective than others, is an excellent guide!

The labelling of bottles with two labels

In 2013, the IMS team worked hard to develop a print-and-apply semi-automatic solution for bottles with two different labels, such as bottles of wine.

2013 was also the arrival of the VP700 of VIP Color, a revolutionary printer that combines speed and quality and which can print variable content. These inkjet printers are excellent solutions for those who make the decision to print in-house.

We also discovered the barcode reader Dataman from Cognex at the seminar We Can Read It, an exceptionally impressive and efficient product. Cognex products prove to be what makes for better barcode reading and IMS is proud to distribute them to Quebec.

Finally, for the holiday season, IMS decided to commit to L’Œuvre Léger. Up until the end of the year, for each new subscriber on our LinkedIn page, we will make a $10 donation to L’Œuvre Léger Foundation.

We hope that you enjoyed 2013, and we look forward to starting 2014 with many fascinating projects, inspiring ideas and as always, excellent content to share with you.

Best wishes!