According to a recent report from Persistence Market Research, global demand for Sleeve labels should reach16.5 Billion US dollars by 2024.

The report cites factors such as brand identity, visual on-shelf appeal and cost efficiency as reasons for this growth.

Although both shrink and stretch sleeve technologies are included in the report, shrink sleeve will register the highest growth. The report also cites the overall trend of greater demand in packaged foods over the coming years to explain its estimates.

No surprise

For IMS, a company that has been honing its shrink sleeve development skills for years, these numbers come as no surprise. Our customers confirm that compared to traditional packaging, shrink sleeve marketing significantly reduces the overall weight of their product, as well as their shipping costs and needed storage space.

Shrink sleeve marketing is highly adaptable 

But there is much more to this highly adaptable packaging type. Shrink sleeves also have the advantage of allowing many different permutations. It can be used for single products, twin packs and multiple products. Think of 6-packs or 12-packs for beer, sports drinks or other beverages. Contrary to traditional packaging, promotional packaging and packaging kits are relatively quick and easy to develop with shrink sleeves.

Full body marketing FullBodySleeve

With its ability to wrap tightly around the entire product, shrink sleeve packaging gives products a highly-polished and professional look. With a careful choice of colours and special attention to the shape of your product, we can help you create a sleeve that provides remarkable visibility instead of  just blending in with competitors. We also offer Body sleeves, which allow great HalfSleevevisibility of your product’s contents.  

A security option with tamper proof seals  

Tamper_sleeveA natural by-product of sleeve marketing is that it is tamper-evident. Perforations are added for ease of removal. This type of sleeve reassures the customer with its first-use guarantee and is ideal for food and beverage, pharmaceuticals or potentially dangerous products.

We can help you with the design, sample development, printing and application of sleeve labels. We also offer a range of ink and finishing options. Find out more by downloading our E-book about shrink sleeve label films

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