IMS has recently added a new colour label printer to their offering, that will make you think twice about getting your labels done by a Print shop. It’s the new Neuralabel 300x.

Do you run a small company that makes products for the grocery, hardware or chemical industries? Then you likely need thousands of labels with many different SKUs.

If you had a printer that was easy to use with a high-quality print that could print all of these labels up to 8.5 inches wide, in-house, how could that benefit your operation?


You’d experience the freedom of in-house printing. You would no longer be dependent on your Print shop’s schedule or priorities. You could do your runs on any day at any hour. Without minimum quantities, you could scale your printing however you’d like. You’d have the freedom to quickly create prototypes or do test runs. You could create special promotional runs that are seasonal or appeal to very specific customer types.

You’d have the freedom to better adapt to your customer’s needs and better appeal to your target markets.

Time and cost savings

You’d save huge amounts of time. Currently, with your Print shop, how many people are involved in the creation of a label? How many times does the label go back and forth for approval? If you are in the grocery industry, for example, you may be designing, approving and printing 3 separate labels: Ingredients, nutritional, and allergy information. This is wasteful of your resources and will cost you in time and dollars.

You’d save on label and ink costs as well. IMS has a wide selection of self-adhesive labels that are very competitively priced. The Neuralabel 300x’s inks are also affordable, resulting in very attractive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Quality and performance

You wouldn’t have to worry about quality. The Neuralabel 300x is based on HP PageWide Technology, which relies on a stationary print head that covers the entire width of the page. There’s no moving print head constantly whizzing back and forth across the media, and very few moving parts. The Print head is stationary, resulting in increased quality and registration, as well as reliability and improved productivity. The quality of the page-wide technology is so good that HP has applied this same technology to their new generation of industrial printers as well.

With print speeds up to 100 feet per minute, it is one of the fastest commercial colour printers available. If you need very quick runs and large quantities, the printer’s roll-fed option would be a great addition.

Durability of output

You can be confident that the print is rugged and will stand the test of time. The Neuralabel 300x uses water resistant pigment inks which are resistant to a wide range of conditions. The inks meet BS 5609 standards for adhesion, resistance to abrasion, saltwater immersion, and UV exposure. Using the appropriate substrate, there isn’t any application in the grocery or Chemical industries you couldn’t cover.

Keep in mind that going from using a print shop to in-house printing doesn’t have to be done overnight and that you can keep both methods concurrent for maximum flexibility.

But if you were to take advantage of the freedom, savings, quality and performance in-house printing could give you, the Neuralabel 300x would be your optimal choice.