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It will soon be time again for us to meet industry partners and potential customers at Natural Products Expo West! This must-attend show is in Anaheim, California from march 9th to march 12th 2017.

We’ll be there to share our shrink sleeve and labeling expertise at booth #242. If you’re coming, make sure to drop by and see us!

Long gone are the days when natural products were limited to having plain looks to project their “naturalness”. Today’s natural products, thanks to increasing health and environmental awareness, as well as sheer customer demand, are on a par with all other types of merchandise and need to look just as competitive on the shelf. For those purposes, shrink sleeve labeling is ideal.

For our part we’ve targeted several trends that are likely to make your products more competitive this year:


Shrink sleeve allows you to use your container as a canvas for your brand but it can also display your contents and convince potential customers of the freshness of your product through the use of transparency. This also a way to naturally integrate the actual colour and texture of your product as a design element.


A white sleeve can protect vitamins and probiotics from deterioration by UV light. It has a natural visual association with dairy products, as well. If necessary, it can also cover up the “imperfections” of liquids that have separated or settled



Advances in label technology have allowed companies like our partner UPM Raflatac to develop extremely thin self-adhesive labels that are light enough to be easily separated during a recycling process that uses flotation.  This can be a convincing sales argument for natural product potential customers.



Some of the plastics we now use in our shrink sleeve labeling processes are biodegradable. PLA , for example, is made from 100% vegetable matter. this film also happens to be transparent. As a bonus it can save energy in your process as it retracts at a lower temperature than other plastics.


Natural Products Expo

Whatever sought-after characteristics you are looking to have for your product, we have the expertise to help you with their development and make your product stand out from the rest! Contact us!


Hope to see you there!