Shrink sleeve labeling is an extremely attractive packaging option. Indeed, it helps manufacturers showcase their products and stand out from the competition. We will be on deck at the Congrès Cidres et Vins 2017 on March 15th and 16th to present several highly visual and effective examples of this type of packaging.

Sleeve labelling can impress, but it must also be tailored to your needs and meet the expectations of your customers and their consumers.

Here are some factors to consider when making transition to shrink sleeve labels.

The materials

Shrink sleeves can be made with different materials, depending on your budget and your business objectives. PVC is the most commonly used and cheapest material. PLA adapts well to temperature variations and it’s ideal for grouping and, it is also compostable. If you require, there are other materials that are suitable for specific applications. Come chat with us!



Application types

Depending on the layout you require, there are several types sleeve application.

  • Full-Body Sleeve for maximum visibility
  • Body Sleeve, ideal for beverages
  • Demi-Sleeve that allows visibility on the content of your product.

Other types include the Tamper Sleeve, a tamper-evident seal that covers the collar to ensure safety by guaranteeing first-use, and multi-container sleeves that are ideal for promotions while also helping you save on cardboard and shipping costs.

External production or integration into your production line?

Finally, for short-term contracts or limited editions, you can call on experts like those at IMS, who can provide turnkey solutions. On the other hand, if you want to make a permanent transition to the sleeve, why not integrate its application directly into your production? We have the equipment and expertise you need to make this transition smoothly.

Ask now!

To find out if you should take advantage of the benefits of transitioning to sleeve labelling, we suggest you read our Ebook on shrink sleeve label films.

Looking forward to meeting at the 2017 Congrès Cidres et Vins on March 15th and 16th!