Packaging has always been a must for any company that manufactures or sells products. Your packaging must be an integral part of your marketing strategy and must adapt to new market trends.

In a previous blog, we talked about the importance of the visual impact of your packaging for millenials. Today, we’ll explain how your packaging impacts your company’s marketing strategy. A well thought out and innovative packaging can contribute to your product’s success and to the growth of your sales.

Packaging’s functions

The function of packaging is to protect your product from external damage (transport from factories to stores, presence on the shelf…)

However, the consumer is the focal point for manufacturers who want to offer innovative, attractive and practical packaging that meets their expectations (environmentally friendly packaging, recyclable, etc…)

Be different!

An innovative and different packaging is the best way to stand out from your competitors. We can see that consumers are ready to pay a premium to acquire a product with an original and functional packaging.

Reconsider your marketing strategy to adapt to new trends

Since more and more products are being marketed, it is necessary to differentiate oneself. Your packaging must convey the right message and address your targets. Consumers must also identify with your products. Let’s have a closer look at a few of these trends:

Environmentally friendly and eco-responsible packaging:
In recent years, we’ve witnessed a growth in ecological awareness, which has influenced our way of consuming.

Millennials have widely contributed to this development and are particularly fond of eco-responsible packaging. Read our latest post on this subject “Is your packaging talking about health and the environment?

Therefore, don’t hesitate to highlight the production methods and materials used for your products that can give you a competitive advantage.

Finally, “green” consumers are willing to spend more to buy a product which is produced using less energy and natural resources.

The SaltWater brewery in Delray Beach, Florida took advantage of this trend by designing a biodegradable and edible beer packaging to help preserve marine wildlife.


Emballage biodégradable et comestible


Stand out with graphics and colors

As we mentioned in our previous post, your packaging must be visually impactful and convey a relevant and unique message.
Choose colors that suits you (be consistent with your brand and goals).
The graphics on your packaging can convey different messages depending on the consumer, therefore, your packaging design must fit into your overall marketing strategy.

Capitalizing on the 3.0 trends: connected packaging

A veritable marketing strategy, this type of packaging is particularly trendy at the moment! The goal is to attract the consumer thanks to the product’s playfulness while remaining informative (dissemination of information in real time such as nutritional information for example). Connectivity also allows the consumer to verify the authenticity of the product, its traceability etc …

Also, in the medium-term, connected packaging will enable manufacturers to have a better understanding consumers’ consumption habits.
Mila’s frozen fish line takes advantage of this new trend to create fish packaging that moves when customers approach. The aim is to attract the eye but also to prove the product quality.

IMS customizes your packaging!

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