Looking to change your printing equipment but don’t have sufficient knowledge to proceed with the installation? Incorporating a new printing system into your production can be more tedious and more technically challenging than expected and mistakes can be costly.

Make it easy and consult an expert. Leave it to IMS, your printing solutions specialist ! Here are 5 reasons why you should consider our services for your printing system installation!

1. Physical installation of the equipment

Each piece of equipment has manufacturer-specific characteristics and standards. Printing equipment requires special care and attention, that’s why during the installation, we take the time to review the various aspects of the equipment such as: humidity, temperature, static etc. …

2. Software and driver installation

Better than an online tutorial, we’ll be on site for the installation and configuration of the software and driver (the latest versions). We’ll set your accounts (page creation, with mode and printing method, speed, temperature, connection to variables…)

Finally, we’ll load the software with the appropriate data and the available training to get you started.

3. Printing system optimization

Once the equipment, software and driver installations are completed, we’ll check and optimize the mechanical components of the printer if necessary. These may include the clutch, pressure, guide etc. We’ll optimize the calibration of the paper sensors, ribbon, print head balance and alignment using parameters such as speed, temperature and pressure.

4. Equipment training

To help you become completely autonomous with the existing equipment, our technician will train you to make sure your transition to the new printing system goes smoothly.

This training includes an explanation of the printer systems, how to change the ribbons or cartridges and labels, how to position the guide correctly and more.

Finally, we’ll detail the actions to be taken in case of possible errors and configuration questions as well as how to return to factory settings if necessary.

The installation of GoToAssist remote support software is also included in our installation.

5. Benefit from our expertise

Don’t risk having improperly configured printing system equipment ! Save time and money by calling our IMS experts!

The areas covered are Montreal, Laval and south shore.

For more information about our services, consult our website or contact us. Our teams are at your disposal for any questions!