As you know, IMS recently added the new 300x Neuralabel inkjet printer to its lineup for fast, high-resolution printing. Featuring advanced print head technology, this inkjet printer is ideal for producing specialized labels!

NeuraLabel-300x inkjet printer

As explained by our experts in a recent post, custom packaging is really made possible thanks to inkjet printing.
In this post, we’ll help you understand more about the difference between inkjet and offset printing, as well as the benefits of using an inkjet printer for custom labels.

What’s difference between an offset printer and an inkjet printer?

Offset printing is typically used for large volumes at a sustained rate, and can also produce in larger formats.
Furthermore, the print quality of an offset printer is usually superior to that of an inkjet printer, providing a clear and uniform image thanks to its ability to print all pantone colors.

Offset printer
However, this type of printing has its share of inconveniences! Indeed, these printers are expensive to maintain and print times can be pretty long. They are also responsible for a substantial waste of paper, and the chemicals used in their print process aren’t environmentally friendly.

Inkjet printing

Inkjet printers typically produce smaller quantities, and in smaller sizes (such as letter format) but aren’t necessarily limited to them.
They are more flexible for custom printing, which doesn’t require a minimum print volume.
The inkjet printer is certainly the best in terms of value for money for your custom labels projects.

Benefits of using an Inkjet Printer!

Print your labels in-house with exceptional colors! Thanks to the latest technology, Neuralabel printers offer many possibilities including high resolution and fast printing.

Not convinced ? Our identification solutions experts have listed its many advantages:

  • Print-in-house. Save time and increase your performance, free up storage space
  • Color or black and white? You choose
  • Fast printing (18 meters / minute)
  • Incredible quality (2400 x 1200 dpi)
  • Flexibility! Regardless of format or colour, an inkjet printer can adapt.

Trust us!

At IMS we believe in the great potential of these printers. In an environment where changes happen frequently, it’s important to adapt your labels and production to your needs. For easy print-on-demand when you need it, use inkjet printers!
IMS has a complete lineup of printers and our experts are available to answer your questions, no matter what the nature of your project is.