In early spring, the packaging and labeling industry has a lot of events and exhibitions!

We were delighted to meet you at BrewExpo America this past April, an event that brought together most of the major professional brewers on the market.

The next beer industry event, American Craft Beer Week, takes place May 15-21.

Due to our presence at PackEX Toronto, from May 16 to 18, we won’t be able to attend American Craft Beer Week. However, we wanted to cover it in our blog for the sake of our audience of professional brewers.

Craft breweries

Each year, American Craft Beer Week gathers more than 5000 Craft beer professionals.

Many of the participants, like most of the industry, are currently facing major challenges, such as an increasingly competitive market, high cost of raw materials, and a highly-regulated industry environment.

The show is an opportunity to seek out the latest labels and packaging innovations to help you face these challenges while promoting your product.

Professional brewers, don’t miss this 12th edition! Here is their program on the American Craft Beer Week website.

Stand out: Visual impact and innovation

As identification solutions experts, we at IMS attach a particular importance to your product’s visual.

Indeed, in the independent breweries market, differentiation is a key success factor for your product.

So, we’d like offer a few points of advice to guide you in the creation of your packaging labels.

Attract the consumer:

We’ll never stop repeating it, the visual impact of your packaging is very important. Much attention to detail should be applied to the use colors, graphics, typography, textures and materials.

Impress the consumer:

Do you have that little extra something that stand out from the competition? Are you meeting the latest market standards?

Each detail has its importance and your consumers are looking for novelty, authenticity and originality.

Beer packaging : our favorite!

Beer week - our favorite


This beer packaging was created by Fast Engineering, a group of engineers/beer enthusiasts (naw, that can’t be). The character on the bottle is an employee. An ingenious (sorry, too easy) way to personalize its packaging!

Beer week - our favorite


What is unique? The Céltorony BBQ grill bar designed this packaging because is in the same building as a kayaking club. Easy to memorize, with its playful dig, aimed straight at their next door neighbors!

Beer week - our favorite


Here, the bottle cap has the shape of a grenade for an “explosive opening”! The colors used on the labels reflect the different flavors for a unique taste!

Lacking inspiration ? Our specialists are there for you!

We put our creativity at your service! Get in touch with us now. Let’s develop the next big thing in beer, together!