A few weeks ago, we wrote a series of 2 posts on the top 10 innovative packaging ideas. It included edible beer packaging, fruit-shaped packaging, water in a box…

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In this article, we’d like to talk about our top 5 eco-friendly and original packaging discoveries.

Thanks to the latest technologies and the most recent “green” trends, there are many ways to offer your consumers packaging that stand out from that of your competitors.

1. A hay-based box of eggs

“Happy Eggs” is a packaging concept for eggs. Entirely made of sustainable materials, these products help the brand target environmentally-conscious customers looking for good products.


oeuf-dans emballages-écologiques

The hay these boxes are made of is hot press formed. The aim of this packaging is to revive childhood memories. From an environmental standpoint, hay is natural, grows rapidly and is renewable.

2.Water in an eco-friendly package


In North America, bottled water is the biggest source of plastic waste. As seen in a previous post, this is a major threat to the environment because it’s particularly complicated to recycle plastics.

The Green Sheep brand has created an eco-responsible water bottle made from aluminum, which can be recycled indefinitely.

3. Tea boxes that are customizable and reusable!


Here’s a good idea! This RISHI brand tea packaging comes with two reusable labels.

Once the tea box’s content is used up, the consumer can then remove the original label, replace it with the second and write anything on it. Moreover, it’s a slate-like material which can be erased as many times as desired. This ingenious idea allows the brand to differentiate itself while offering an environmentally-minded added convenience.

4. Practical and eco-friendly packaging: totally possible!


VitaPack is an eco-friendly and sensible packaging concept! It can support nearly 2.2 lbs. It also protects the fruit with robust cardboard. In addition to being an eco-friendly solution for consumers, this packaging allows producers to ship their goods more conveniently, while reducing possible damage.

5. Eco-friendly beer packaging


The “Mug Pub Football” beer brand came up with this imaginative way to transport its beer during sports events. The beer is in an eco-friendly cardboard mug, which happens to be the same material the beer box is made of. An ecological and imaginative idea that will delight all beer/sports lovers!

Change the way you design your packaging

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