There are many benefits to choosing IMS shrink sleeve labels for your cans

Aluminum cans offer many advantages over glass bottles, for both the brewing industry and its customers. Cans are lightweight, infinitely recyclable, easy to transport and great at preserving freshness..

Why are cans more popular than bottles?

Industry data shows that beer can sales are on the rise in comparison to bottles. Consumers prefer cans for several reasons:

Companies who choose aluminum cans over bottles save on transportation costs and skip the tedious step of bottle washing.

That’s exactly what Oliver Arian confirmed in his case study for Pack Advisor. Craft beers are experiencing a boom, and customers are reaching for cans.

High-impact branding thanks to shrink sleeve labels

Opting for this type of custom packaging on beer cans presents many benefits for the brewing industry. Small businesses are able to buy blank, label-free aluminum cans (silver bullets), and cover them entirely with their own personalized shrink sleeve label.

The shrink sleeve label, also known as the heat-shrink sleeve or shrink sleeve, is a plastic tube-shaped film that is wrapped around a product and shrunk to size using heat.

The shrink tunnel, also known as a heat tunnel or retraction tunnel, can be used on both empty and full cans at any stage of the production, simplifying the entire process for microbrewers.

This opens up new possibilities for craft brewers, since they can now design different labels for each type of beer, much to the delight of their customers. Their products will stand out on shelves with eye-catching visuals custom-made for each of their beers. It’s a great way to attract beer enthusiasts who enjoy trying new things!

A team of experts in shrink sleeve label production

IMS will assist and guide you every step of the way, ensuring maximum visibility for your craft beers on the shelves of your distributors.

Once we receive your design, our team of experts will then proceed to print the retractable plastic films that will be wrapped around your cans. You’ll quickly see how our team’s expertise is a real added value to your company!

Come discuss shrink sleeve labels with us!