Today more than ever, products need to stand out on store shelves. The first thing that will grab the consumer’s attention is obviously its packaging. Do you want your own products to leap out from among the competitors? IMS invites you to consider the shrink sleeve. It’s much more efficient and attention-grabbing than a standard label.

A flexible, versatile solution

In practical terms, the shrink sleeve has the advantage of perfectly moulding to containers of any shape or size. This is because as its name implies, the sleeve shrinks because of its application using a heat source such as steam, hot air, or infrared rays. A shrink sleeve can therefore be used for foods, beverages, beer, and much more (house cleaning items, health and beauty products, personal care goods, automobile products, etc.).

Myriad practical advantages

Another huge benefit is that this kind of label requires no glue, can easily be removed, and can also be used to create tamper-evident seals. Furthermore, because of its back-printing process, it can protect your packaging against wears and tears and other kinds of damage. Choosing a shrink sleeve can also cut costs by eliminating the need to use more expensive, less eco-friendly primary containers.

Personalize your product to your exact liking!

When it comes to the point of sale, the shrink sleeve offers a 360-degree visual packaging with colours printed using a high-quality process. This means that every container becomes a graphic platform that beautifully expresses your creativity. Your product will no longer be associated with a simple label, it will be covered in a unique and personalized aesthetically pleasing packaging. A simple way to showcase your brand image at an affordable price!

Speak with an IMS expert!

Interested in shrink sleeves and all its advantages? Contact IMS today! One of our experts will be happy to provide you with the support you need. We can even guide you every step of your process, from design to print and beyond to deliver an optimized solution.