IMS has been an authorized partner of NiceLabel for three years. This label printing management system centralized in a single online platform is a versatile solution that allows users to edit, print, synchronize printing activities, carry out modifications, and much more!

We’re proud to reveal that IMS has obtained the designation of NiceLabel Solutions Partner.

Certificate-IMS - Identification Multi Solutions Inc

Benefits of this partnership

Our partnership allows IMS clients to become more independent when it comes to managing their labels. They’ll also be able to take advantage of everything NiceLabel has to offer:

  • Lower costs
  • Less risk of human error
  • Greater autonomy
  • Optimization of your staff’s tasks
  • Return on investment in under a year
  • And much more!

The bottom line is that our clients can benefit from our expertise while taking advantage of the best printing solutions for their needs.

Transforming traditional labels

With NiceLabel, companies are able to switch from traditional to digital labels. This new technology significantly cuts operating costs because it can be done independently by the client.
NiceLabel’s management system is user-friendly and very efficient. It will allow any organization to reduce the number of people involved in the printing process. That means your resources will be able to focus on added value tasks. It also means a significantly lower risk of human error.
Yes, this is indeed automation! Can your organization benefit from this type of printing process? Read our article to find out more!

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A few interesting statistics

Here are some statistics from NiceLabel’s website:

  • 93% of customers experienced direct cost savings thanks to NiceLabel’s management system
  • 12% of customers achieved direct cost savings of more than 50%
    NiceLabel offers a return on investment in less than one year

To find out more about NiceLabel and our partnership, visit their website or contact us!