Do you still use a laser printer for your labels? Do you feel you have no reason to change printers? Or maybe you are trying to convince your company’s decision-maker to make a change? Below are 4 excellent reasons to switch from a laser printer to a thermal one:

1.       Eliminate waste

With thermal printing, direct or via transfer, you print depending on your needs. If you only want 3 labels, you only print 3 labels and there is no waste. The cost per label is accurate.

2.       Increase your labeling options

Thermal printing offers many possibilities: if you would like to print in such a way that helps to promote your commercial space, you can do so and use whichever width you prefer. Laser printers, on the other hand, are limited to the length of 14 inches used in “US legal” paper.

3.       Get more logistical flexibility

A thermal printer is less cumbersome than a laser printer – about one-third the size – and is easily installed under a desktop counter.

In addition, more thermal printers are now equipped with mobile technology: Wi-Fi, LAN or Bluetooth, which allow you to transport your printer where you can evaluate first-hand your label needs and then print them immediately.

4.       Save money

Besides the obvious savings due to less waste, a thermal printer also offers other ways to save on costs:

  • The purchase cost amounts to about half as much as that of a laser printer.
  • It uses less energy – approximately 3 amperes compared to 7 for a laser printer.
  • It requires less maintenance because there are fewer engine parts.
  • It does not require an expensive toner.

Given these reasons, the only choice left for you to make is to evaluate the different thermal printing options available to you.

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